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exBRANDS is a British clothing DISCOUNTED SALE ONLINE brand with multiple European brands in offering. An emerging international network of online and offline stores in many countries with multiple sales channels, exBRANDS.com provides exceptional quality, selected with immense fashion sense.We offer discounted and competitive pricing with an up-to-the-minute, on-trend stock of exceptional and appealing wholesale clothing.

Our Vision:- Provide best of the British and other European brands with steal deals all through the year, shipping directly from Manchester to across the globe.


Jun 11, 2020British Fashion Industry

British Fashion is one of the iconic fashion capitals in the world with a diversified array of designs and styles for many decades and is a fashion renowned for holding the Upper-Class Style influenced by English Royalty effectuating tailoring in a smart, sharp way. The originality and professionalism found within the British Fashion incorporate a unique spirit from its cutting-edge trailblazers to the refined craftsmanship of its star designers. Tourists nearly equal to a quarter of a million cite their reason as shopping for travelling to the United Kingdom annually. 

The British style is never too polished. British women invest in a few leather jackets and blazers including scarves for keeping themselves warm, casual and stylish. Because of the weather, they make sure to wear waterproof shoes and a non-traditional style of hat. Brits are famed for their sense of style and their fashion has always been acclaimed for its FEARLESSNESS.

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Jun 11, 2020Sense of Style

 How can one develop a sense of style?

This post is for people who wish to change and improve their way of dressing and seem better with fashion. If you are starting from zero, fashion might seem like a strange place as there are millions of unspoken styles.

You may wonder how anybody knows to put together outfits that look great. Style is not something that you are born with, it is more of a skill that can be learned and developed with practice. The secret behind the pro dressers is the longer practice that they had with fashion. This blog involves concrete techniques to develop the better understanding of fashion and styles.

  1. Observe more 

The first thing you can do to improve your sense of style is to observe how other people are doing it! How they make colour combinations, how they have picked their clothes, how well they are accessorised and what footwear they have matched with their outfit. Pay attention to your environment and observe the sense of style in each one. Figure out how they have made the outfit look catchy. Over time you will be predicting the vibe of the outfit with your observation skills. 

  1. Do imitate

The next step is to imitate. You should develop your imitating skills in fashion. This technique is super helpful as it can make yourself learn by copying the styles from others. Research more, reach out to various blogs, fashion pages, and extract the best ideas and styles and imitate. 

Assess the style that you choose to imitate, try buying the same outfit or replicate the style with your own clothes. Make experiments with a wide variety of choices of fashion styles. Also incorporate the new styles in your wardrobe and feel proud. The other can be tweaking it with your own ideas. If you simply feel like tweaking by substituting with something of your taste, go ahead. 

  1. Come out of your comfort zone

Fashion is not comfortable all the time, you need to come out of your comfort world and step into fashion. Exposing your style itself needs a ton of confidence and trying out new styles through experimenting results great when done several times and at the end, with your experience and practice, you succeed.

Take up some challenges by visiting a store where you’ve never been, pick and match certain outfits that attracts you a lot, and look at the outcomes. Accessorise with simple earrings, an elegant watch and some jewellery.

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